This is for all those who have the courage, strength, and determination to make positive changes in their lives. Especially those who have come to realise the benefits of a good detox programme and are giving it a go. It's not easy, so well done you!

Before I go on, allow me to put simply the benefits of a regular detox... More energy, better mood, a clearer mind, reduced stress, removal of toxins, improvement in chronic conditions, a shift in stubborn or recurring illnesses, and prevention of serious diseases. All things considered, it could be worth the hassle...

Now let me share with you the highs and lows of my recent detoxification experience, so you know you are not the only person in the world going without your morning coffee (or whatever "treat" it is that you personally rely on for feeling good).

Coffee is the thing I miss most, and the smell of freshly roasted beans my biggest temptation. The first few days of a detox are usually the most challenging. I consistently experience headaches and fatigue. The change in routine bothers me, the diet is just plain boring, and the mixture of supplements I am taking is complicated and time consuming. I am also a difficult guest, with "special dietary requirements" and a no-alcohol attitude.

There is a broad range of symptoms people experience in the early stages. Consider it normal to have headaches, nausea, changes in bowel motion, aches, pains, and flu-like symptoms, sinus or nasal congestion, and outbreaks of acne or eczema. If any of these become severe, or if you simply want to reduce them, ease back on your detox protocol*, support the liver and kidneys more intensively, and keep drinking that water! *more about detox protocols later

So, you may well ask, after torturing myself this way, do I have the desired result? Well, yes, actually. On day 7 of my 14-day commitment, the headache and fatigue are gone, and I feel squeaky clean from the inside out. My sleep is better, and I'm not needing as much of it, stress level is reduced, energy level is up, and my mind is clearer. I almost don't want to stop. Almost...

Green Blessings,