Who would've thought that coming up with a blog name could take so long or be so difficult???

This cold winter night I cosied up by the fire with my mum, and we came up with a long list of possibilities. Tiredness turned to delirium, and still we had nothing worthy, so we moved onto the ridiculous.

"Dances With Herbs" got us giggling, and was followed closely by "Herbs Of The Caribbean", bringing more laughter. "Even Cowgirls Get The Herbs" was my personal favourite, and got my vote for most silly.

The biggest challenge is having to get focused on what it is I want to write about. I love natural medicine, especially herbs. But I also have a passion for food, and pretty much all things life-giving!

There will certainly be much admiration of herbs, but there will also be exploration of the wider world of healthy living.

Green Blessings,